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Homepages vs. Dashboards

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Homepages vs. Dashboards

The biggest difference between environment setup is based on whether or not a Suite is used in an environment’s configuration.

A Suite is a customized display of the most important information across your environment and contains Widgets, which are used to organize relevant data. You may have a Counter Widget that tallies the number of invoices pending your approval, for instance. 

Your environment may or may not have been configured with a Suite. You can tell whether your environment has a Suite configured for it depending on whether you land on the Homepage or on a Dashboard page when you first enter your environment. 

If you don’t have a Suite, you’ll be able to view and navigate to every App in your environment via the Homepage. Users in an environment with a Suite will alternatively make use of the widgets provided. (Both types of environments also provide Navigation Menus for navigating an environment. More on Navigation Menus later.)

Filtering for Apps on the Homepage

Note that for environments without a Suite, you can filter for Apps with the Filter or Tags Sidebar on the App Homepage. 

You can either begin typing the name of an App in the filter line or alternatively, your environment may have tags available associated with Apps to filter down the Homepage:

These filters are preserved after you navigate away and come back to the Homepage so if you're wondering why you're seeing a limited set of Apps, make sure you've removed any filters from this sidebar.

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