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Common Actions on a Matter

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Add Participant

Add a participant to a Matter Record using the Add Participant button. Adding participants to a Matter will notify them of Matter updates, changes and grant them certain permissions on the Matter.

General Participants, Matter Managers, and Paralegals have the ability to:

  • View the Matter
  • Edit the Matter
  • Add comments
  • View the Matter History
  • Change the Matter phase
  • Add Key Dates / Statuses / Documents / Vendors / Contacts / Tasks

Enter the participant's email and choose their role from the dropdown list, then click Submit to add them as a participant.

Add Contact Involved Party

Adding Contacts to the Matter Record keeps important contacts, such as plaintiffs, defendants, and witnesses close at hand. To add a Contact Involved Party use the Add Contact Involved Party button under More Actions.

The following out-of-the-box roles will be available for contact classification (your environment may contain additional roles):

Company / Entity:

  • Co-defendent
  • Defendent
  • E-discovery Company
  • Insurance Company
  • Plantiff


  • State Court
  • Federal Court


  • Claims Adjuster
  • Co-defendent
  • Defendent
  • Defense Counsel
  • Employee
  • Expert Witness
  • Judge
  • Neutral
  • Plantiff
  • Plantiff's Counsel

Click Submit to add the Contact.

Add Task

To create a task click the Add Task button under More Actions.

Fill in all the information and click Submit Task to create the task. The assignee will be notified on task creation and on the task due date.

Add Key Date

Key Dates allow users to keep track of important dates, such as the Trial date. To add a new Key Date choose Add Key Date from the More Actions dropdown.

Fill in the appropriate information and click Submit Key Date to create the Key Date.

Once created, key dates are visible under the Key Dates tab.

Add Status

Participants on a Record can keep up-to-date with activity on a matter via the Status App. You can add a status to any Matter via the Add Status Button under More Actions dropdown.

Anyone can add a status via this form as long as the matters Phase is Open.

Once submitted, the Status is added to the Statuses Panel on the Matter Record.

Add Comment

To add a comment to the Matter choose Post Comment on the right-hand side of the screen.

When adding a comment Onit allows users to choose who they wish to notify. They also have the ability to add an attachment. Attached documents cannot exceed 250 MB in size.

Once the comment has been published it will become visible in the Activity panel.

Add Document

To add a document to the Record click the Add Document button from the More Actions dropdown.

Click Submit to upload the document.

Once uploaded documents are visible and available for download from the Documents tab.

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