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An Introduction to Matter Records

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Please note your Onit environment may be configured differently. This tutorial is intended as a general reference guide.

Matter Creation

To create a Matter Record click the 'plus' button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and choose Add Matter.

This will bring up the Matter Launch screen. The Matter Launch Screen is where you enter information pertaining to the Matter, description, and Matter classification. 

From here you can also classify the Matter as private. For more information on private Matters see The Difference Between Private and Non-private Groups.

Once you have entered all appropriate information click Submit Matter to create the Matter Record. When the Record is created you will automatically be redirected to the Matter Summary Page.

Matter Summary

You can think of the Matter Summary page as the 'homepage' of your Matter Record. The Summary page will provide you with high-level information about your Matter such as the Basic Information, Matter Classification, and Financial Information.

The Matter Summary page is also where you will preform key Actions on your Matter such as assigning a Vendor, uploading documents, and adding participants. These Actions can be preformed with the buttons on the right-hand side. For more information on common Matter Actions see Common Actions.

Matter Details

Matter details will show as tabs on your Matter Record page. In the example below the Matter Record has an assigned Vendor, some status updates, attached documents, and a key date. These all classify as Matter details. Click on each of the tabs to get a more in-depth view of the Matter details.

Further Matter Management

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