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Interacting with Records

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From a record's View page, you can interact with a Record. Provided the permissions, this includes editing a Record's details, sending comments about a Record to other participants, taking actions on the Record such as providing approval or generating documents, and more. 

Note that your View Page layout will vary depending on configuration and permissions.

Opening a Record's View Page

You can access a Record's View Page by selecting the Record's hyperlink from an App's dashboard. 

Note: If you have a Suite configured for your environment, some widgets on your Suite Dashboard may also provide direct links to a Record's View Page. 

Editing a Record's Details

If you are given the necessary permissions, you can edit a Record's details by selecting the Edit button on the Details panel, making your edits, and then selecting the Update button to save. 

Posting Comments

To post a comment on a Record, select the Post Comment... button, enter your comment, select whom it should be sent to, and select Share.

Comments are posted in the Activity panel, (along with any emails sent to the Record's unique email address).

Recipients of comments will receive an email notifying them of the comment.

Other View Page Details

Record Phase:

A panel in the top right corner of a Record's View Page may exist and indicates which Phase a Record is in. Some users are given permission to advance the Phases of a Record, while some Apps only allow for automatic advancement of Records based on a configured workflow. 

Action Buttons:

You may have access to some action buttons in the right-most column of your Record's View Page. What these buttons do is dependent on what actions they were configured with.

For example, in the screenshot below, the first button can be used to add new participants to a Record while the second button generates a spreadsheet of invoice data associated with the matter. 


In the right-most column of a record's View page you'll also find a Participants panel where all the participants of a Record are listed. Participants are sometimes given an endorsement status that allows them to either approve or reject a Record.

Navigating back to the App Dashboard or Suite Homepage

Remember that in addition to using the Navigation Menu to navigate around your environment, you can also always use the browser's back button to return to the page you accessed the record from. 

Creating New Records

Some users are given permission to create new Records. You can launch a new Record by selecting the Plus icon in the header to the right of the search bar. This Plus icon may or may not appear when you're on your Homepage/Suite Dashboard or on an App Dashboard. However, you can always expect to access it from another Record's View Page. 

Once you've launched the new Record's form, you'll fill out the details of the new Record and select the Submit button when you're done.

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