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How to Start and ExtractAI Project

by Stoney Lowstetter Updated

Here you might see a list of other ExtractAI Projects from your team, or if not, you will see a "Start a New Project" button. 

For each project, you will see:

  1. Project Name - Name of the project
  2. Routine - The configured ExtractAI data you want to be pulled
  3. Documents - This is the total number of documents in the particular project
  4. Created - You can see when someone made the project
  5. By - Who created the project

There is an options button also that will allow you to Download the contracts, Rename the project, or Delete the project.

When ready click, Start a new project.

Then you will need to name your project and determine the type of ExtractAI review to run.

The review is the configured data that tells the AI what to look for and extract for you.

Once the project is created, you will need to add your documents to the project by click Add documents.

You can drag and drop them into the window or click Browse navigate to the document.

Once the documents are added, click Finish

When everything is completed, you will see the updated Project folder

If you are unsure, you can see the status of the documents. When they say Complete, the AI has finished extracting from the document.

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