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Legal Entities

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Legal Entities App

The Legal Entities App is used to capture a client’s various legal entities that are associated with matters for e-billing. Each record in the Legal Entities App creates an associated legal entity in BillingPoint. The name, address, and tax ID for a matter’s legal entity will display on the Billing Authorization Request in BillingPoint and instructs the vendors which legal entity they should bill to for a particular matter. This information is maintained on the individual Legal Entities Records (in Onit), within Fields. A Legal Entities Record can be in either a New, Active, or Inactive Phase. Only Active legal entities are available to choose from on a matter.

The following Fields are required in the Legal Entities App and should not be deleted:

Field Name Field Label Field Type Hidden
Legal Entity Name name Text
Tax ID tax_id Text
Address address1 Text
City city Text
Country country Listcombo
BP Client Account Legal Entity Id psb_client_account_legal_entity_id Text
Atom Id atom_id Text true
Matters matters HasMany true
Is Active is_active Text true

Matter App

When creating a matter, a user is required to choose a legal entity. After a matter is created, it is directly related to a legal entity Record though relationship Fields. While the relationship is made through HasMany/BelongsTo Fields within the Matter and Legal Entities Apps (end users do not interact directly with the relationship fields).

End users interact with a Listcombo Field that displays a list of Active legal entities from the Legal Entities App. A Listcombo is used so that the system can filter to only display Active Legal Entities. The Listcombo also ensures that all users who have access to create matters can view all Active legal entities, regardless of security around the Legal Entities App.

The following fields relating to legal entities are required in the Matter app and should not be deleted:

Field Name Field Label Field Type Hidden
legal_entity Legal Entity BelongsTo BelongsTo true
selectable_legal_entity Legal Entity Listcombo
legal_entity_id Legal Entity Id Text true
legal_entity_name Legal Entity Name Text true
yes Yes Text true

It’s critical that all Onit ELM environments leverage the pre-built configuration described above to handle legal entities. Do not create new Fields/Apps to try and solve this problem in a different way.

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