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End User Release Notes - September 2020

by Christina Moore Updated on

What's New - End User

  • Our login and logout screens have had a facelift. Although things look a little different, everything will still work the same way it did before.
  • Favorites! At the upper right of a transaction's main panel, you'll now see a star icon (if your corporation has advanced search enabled). Click this star to add the transaction to your favorites list. When you click into the search bar in the page header, a drop down menu will appear that lists them.

Just click on the link to go straight to that transaction.

When you're on the view page for a transaction that is one of your favorites, the star will appear in solid blue. You can click the star again to remove that transaction from your list. Also when you put your pointer onto a list item, an X will appear at the right, and you can remove the entry by clicking that.

You can have up to 20 favorites. When you create a new one, we'll let you know how many slots are left.

  • We've started keeping a chronological list of the last 20 transactions you've viewed, so that you can quickly return to any of them.
  • The new "simple" filtering mode on the dashboard grid previously could only load 300 values for a Listcombo Field. Now by typing into the search area of the filter you can get to any possible Field value.

If either Basic Search or Advanced Search is enabled then users will now see improved Quick Search results:

If Advanced Search is enabled then users will be able to press the Enter key or click on "See All Results" to go to the Global Search results page:

Resolved Issues - End User

  • Fixed an issue with the filtering window on numeric fields, where if you clear an existing filter and then try to create a new one, the number you were previously filtering by shows up as a sort of ghost.
  • Fixed an issue where transactions with"grandchild" inherited roles don't show up in search results. For example, let's say you're a participant on a Matter; you then have an inherited role on Invoices, and from Invoices to Invoice Payments. But if you did a search that should return a match from Invoice Payments, you wouldn't get that match. Now you will.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause emails that had attachments with very long names to be dropped from the transaction they were sent to.
  • Fixed subtotaling of Decimal, Integer, and Currency Fields on dashboard grids that were grouped by a Multicurrency Field.

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