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Getting to Know the OnitX CLM Word Add-In

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Welcome to the user guide for the OnitX CLM Microsoft Word Add-In. This article explores the Home screen and searching through your contract portfolio and Template Library. Additionally this entry will detail logging in and out of the Add-in with key information about other actions users may take from the Home Screen. Other articles in this user manual will cover the important functionality CLM users can harness to make the contracting process easier inside Microsoft Word. 

In other articles, we will delve into:

  • Installation (need link)
  • Contract Management (need link)
  • Template Management (need link)
  • Catalyst for Contracts AI Capabilities (need link)

Logging into the OnitX CLM Word Add-In

After installing this Add-In, click the Sign in button to authenticate with your OnitX CLM credentials. Contact your organization's Contract Administrator if you do not have your credentials. You can also reset your password from the Reset link on the Sign in page. 

The Home screen

The Home screen of this Add-In features powerful search capabilities and shortcuts to frequently used functionality. 

Records & Searching

For quick searches across OnitX CLM, users can simply type in the name of an existing record on the Home screen and immediately jump into Contracts or Templates from the retrieved search results. It is possible to filter on just Contracts or Templates by clicking the applicable bubble or search through the entire system. 

The Records shortcut tile is a quick way to filter and search through your Contract portfolio or Template Library. Clicking this tile gives users the ability to conduct searches by Contract Name or CLM Case Number when known. If searching through the Template Library, only template names are currently searchable.

Search Breadcrumbs

When searching records in your Contract portfolio and Template Library, users will traverse Records, Documents and Document Versions to get to the document file to edit and update. Users can navigate through breadcrumbs at the top of the Search results screen at any time to go between documents and versions attached to the CLM contract or template. Selecting a document version or a contract or template will launch the document in a new instance of Microsoft Word.

Onit has made it easy to identify active template documents by visibly denoting the Active Version in the search results. 

Additional Home screen actions

In the upper righthand corner of the Add-In is Information menu which displays various information about the Add-In and helps users in the event of an Internet disruption. 

Information Menu Heading Explanation
Get Support Clicking this launches a new browser window or tab to open up an Onit Support Ticket
Reload Network interruptions happen, and clicking the Reload option will refresh the Add-In
View Source Launches the Word Add-In manifest file which contains referenced URLs where your web application can reside and other resources for add-in like images
Security Info This optional is purely informational and displays relevant security-related info.
Clear Web Cache Normally, the cache is cleared by reloading the Add-In. If more than one Add-In exists in the same document, the process of automatically clearing the cache on reload might not be reliable.

Logging Out of the OnitX CLM Word Add-In

Should users need to logout of the Add-In, this can be done by clicking the Logout arrow icon in the lower lefthand corner of the Add-In.

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