Uploading a LEDES Invoice File

by Christina Moore Updated Apr 09, 2020

1. Select your client from the Client dropdown menu.

2. Select Invoices on the blue taskbar to go to the Invoices page. From the invoices page, select Upload Invoice.

3. Select the currency & office (if you only have 1 client approved currency then currency will auto-populate). Click to browse or drag and drop your invoice files (we accept multiple files uploaded at once). Then choose Upload LEDES File

4. The next screen will show you if your file format is valid or not. Each file you upload will be listed in green if it is valid and red if there are LEDES file errors. Any invalid invoices will not be uploaded; correct your file and repeat the above steps.

For valid invoice, if you check the Send? box, the invoice will be processed through the client’s billing rules. If the invoice passes, it will be submitted to the client.

If you want to review and/or edit your invoice before it is sent, unselect the Send? checkbox. This will save the invoice as a draft.

Select Submit.

5. After clicking Submit, you will see a screen with your invoices listed out.

For valid invoices, it will show either Submitting (if you checked the Send? Box on the previous screen) or Draft. You can click on the blue invoice number to be taken to the invoice, or you can use the invoices tab to navigate to the invoices list to determine the final invoice state (Pending Approval or Failed). You can also use the Refresh Status button to determine the final invoice state (Pending Approval or Failed). For any invoices that were not valid, the errors will be listed here so you can correct your file and attempt to upload it again.

6. If you chose Send? when uploading, the invoice will either show Pending Approval or Failed as the status. If the invoice is Pending Approval, it was successfully submitted to the client for approval and you are finished.

If the invoice is Failed, there are validation error(s) and it was not submitted to the client. Open the invoice by clicking on the blue invoice number to view the error. You can make corrections within the system or edit your LEDES file and re-upload.

7. If you did not choose Send? when uploading, the invoice will be in Draft status. To submit the invoice, you can either check the box to the left of the invoice and click Send at the top of the page, or you can open the invoice by clicking on the blue Invoice Number and clicking Send within the invoice.

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